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Small Business

Small Business Representation

  • Can I legally represent my own business?
  • How do I get an employee identification number (EIN)?
  • How do I file to be legal with the state?
  • What can I do if my business gets sued?

Small Businesses need to be Protected Too

Many times small business owners worry about legal issues that may come up because of the cost of hiring large cooperate firms to represent them. Depending on how your business is incorporated, you may have to hire an attorney whether you need or even want one. Being in business and making profit is hard enough, no business owner wants to also deal with legal paperwork, law suits, or legal fights over contracts or lease agreements.

Your Business, Your Investment, Your Life

As a business owner, you have invested your money, your time, and your energy into building a company. Your reputation, livelihood, and hard work are on the line. Whether buying an existing business, growing your already existing business, or wanting to start a company from scratch; it is important to think ahead and prepare for as much as possible. It is important to protect your business.

We Are Smart, Aggressive and Experienced Trial Lawyers

Fox & Scott has experienced trial lawyers who know how to represent your business and your interest. We have experience representing small businesses. We have handled a wide variety of business issues:

  • Obtaining an EIN, Employee Identification Number
  • Filing with the State as an LLC, Corporation, or Partnership
  • Defending Business being Sued
  • Drafting Partnership Agreements
  • Reviewing Business Contracts and Corporate Leases
  • Helping Start Businesses
  • Assisting in the Sale or Purchase of a Business

We are good lawyers who help, who you can talk to, and who you can rely on.
We Listen – We Care – We Advise – We Fight For You – We Help

The law offices of Fox & Scott, PLLC, will guide you through your case. Call or email our law firm to schedule your free and completely confidential initial consultation.

We Are There When You Need Us To Help

When you need a good lawyer to provide you the legal advice so you can make the best decisions possible count on the experienced attorneys at FOXSCOTTLAW. We are here to help you, call today (859) 291-1000.