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Fees and Billing

How Are The Fees Determined?

Most attorneys usually bill a client by the hour, or by increments of an hour. The hourly rate is a result of applying the attorney’s experience with the years of practice. You will certainly want to understand how the attorney will be billing you for services performed on your behalf. Be sure to ask what will happen with your case once the initial retainer is exhausted, but work still remains to be performed.

Another method for paying for legal services rendered on your behalf is to be charged a flat rate. Many times this method is used when it is a simple case. The flat rate is also the result of applying the attorney’s years of practice and experience. Criminal cases are usually performed on a flat rate basis.

At FOXSCOTTLAW our family law attorneys charge by the hour for the work performed on your case. We will thoroughly explain the billing procedures to you. Our clients know exactly what the attorney’s services are going to cost instead of being suprised. This is vital, as a family law matter is often a person’s first encounter with the legal system. Going through a divorce or a custody battle is stressful enough, let alone worrying about what the total costs will be and how will those costs get paid.

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