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Landlord Evictions


  • What does it take to Eviction a Tenant?
  • How long do I have to Wait before I can move a Tenant out?
  • Can I change the locks?
  • What do I have to do when a Tenant complains about me?
  • What do I have to do with Bed Bugs and Mold?

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Landlord / Tenant Law

Being a property owner is challenging and time consuming enough with a good tenant. But what do you do when the tenant damages the property or fails to pay their rent or utilities. This can be a complicated process and end up costing you hours of time dealing with it. For small property owners or landlords with only a few rental homes or multi-dwelling units, one tenant can be a big problem. For many landlords, going through the eviction process or a small claims civil suit with a tenant is nerve racking and uncomfortable. Those feelings are multiplied with landlords are forced to follow certain legal steps in order to protect their investments.

The last thing a landlord wants is to be sued by a tenant. A civil suit being filed against you can be expensive and scary. It is important to know the legal defenses to the claims the tenant has made. It is equally important to know how to manage your way through the legal system.

Knowing the Law is Important

Whether your property issue fall under the Uniform Landlord Tenant Act, Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, or under another code; knowing the law and the legal process are key in dealing with landlord-tenant issues. If specific legal steps and notices are not followed, your legal action may not survive and end up costing you money and time.

Mold growth and bed bug infestation are two common issues landlords have to deal with. It is important to know what your duties are and what duties are the responsibilities of your tenant. You don’t want to pay for a problem you didn’t create and you can’t ultimately fix. You also don’t want a tenant breaking a lease without just cause or be caught in violation of your own lease terms.

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Fox & Scott has vast experience in representing landlords in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. We have represented landlords with one house as an investment property and property management companies overseeing thousands of units. We not only assist landlords through the legal eviction process but we defended landlords being sued by their tenants for mold, bed bugs, or other civil claims. We have taken on cases against other attorneys and legal aid. We fight to protect your investment and your business. Our lawyers have represented landlords in eviction hearings, breach of lease actions, small claims defense, and in civil law suits. We are not afraid to go to court or trial on your behalf.

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