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Client Testimonials

Rick and the entire team are great! Did a great job with my divorce, very responsive, knowledgeable and a straight shooter!

I used Rick for my child support hearing. After I met with him for my consultation, I said this is the lawyer for me. He is a straight shooter and tells you how it is. He informed me of each step as everything unfolded. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His assistant, Brandy, was very helpful as well. They are a great team and I was very pleased.

Having to get an attorney means you are usually going through a difficult time. Rick Scott knows how to ease your anxiety and win cases legally. Rick Scott has been my lawyer since my divorce began in 2007, and dealing with post-decree matters since then. He not only is very familiar with the laws in family court, he gives you reassurance to not worry and let him take care of everything, and he does an excellent job at it. Rick has, and is always willing to, fight for me. On top of everything I worried about becoming a single-mom and finances and he made a way to for it all to be affordable to me and my situation. I highly recommend Rick Scott and his practice. I know I’ll definitely continue to use him.

Rick represented me several times, both criminal and family law cases. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He always showed up for court and was on time. He kept me informed on any changes and updates and was VERY responsive to my questions. He made the whole process much easier when it came to all the difficulties my ex was causing. I have referred him to several friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.

Rick represented me through my divorce proceedings. He is very down to earth and a straight shooter which I truly appreciated. Rick is honest and I fully trusted his guidance.

Rick was extremely responsive to my phone calls, texts, and emails during a volatile and ongoing situation. His counsel and concern for our particular situation was comforting (knowing that you had someone so determined and knowledgeable in your corner). Being able to put complete trust in the one representing you and the knowledge that he is fighting for you with everything he has are not qualities I have always found with other lawyers; I did find it with Rick Scott! We would recommend him without any hesitation.

After other lawyers told me it would be impossible for my marriage to be annulled, I met with Rick for a consultation. He told me that although getting the annulment was not likely to happen, he said he would try and do everything he could to make it happen. Rick made it happen. I recommend him and refer people to him, and will continue to do so.

My ex was abusive to me in every way. During my custody battle, Rick stood up to my ex, and made it clear that the abuse would no longer be tolerated. I learned from Rick, and as a result, I no longer take any crap from my ex or anyone else.

Rick tells you not to worry until he tells you it is time to worry. When I was upset and called him (which happened a lot during my case), he asked me “Have I told you to worry yet?” When I said no, he told me to stop worrying then, because he was going to handle it, and he did.

My friend was represented by Rick, at the time I was going through my divorce, but I was represented by another attorney. When I complained to my friend about my attorney, he told me to call Rick. So when my ex to me back to court for a change of custody, I got Rick as my lawyer to represent me. Unlike my experience with my previous lawyer, Rick responded timely to my panic and anxiety filled questions and concerns. Rick told me he would tell me when it was time to worry, and that he would handle things. After the change of custody trial was over, my ex lost every motion that he filed. I highly recommend Rick.

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